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I have schizophrenia but I’m know longer hearing voices but I’m having problems with with (mental clarity). I’m having problems with my thinking and solving problems and making decisions. I hope that there is someone on here thats making progress with there (brain fog )that could help me out


I am new to SZ and had voices as well with my psychotic break taking place over 2 months. When I was able to recognize my condition, the medicines got me to a functional point (no voices) but I started experiencing the brain fog. I found that letting my doctor know my concentration was fuzzy helped and he lowered it to a more tolerable dose.
Two months ago I felt like I couldn’t do anything, and up until a few weeks ago I couldn’t focus on things well enough, or timely enough and I was being told that it might be my new normal. It just takes some time for the brain to heal after a break sometimes, and I am able to do my school work with a certain level of focus that I had before. I also worked at it everyday, was almost the only thing I could focus on (school). It would take me hours to read a chapter, but I remember being at a point where I thought I wouldn’t be able to read at all due to delusions, but I kept at it. Retraining myself to read through hallucinations. I still have some issues once in a while, and I haven’t even thought much about what adding a job to this will feel like.

I was hospitalized 3 times in two months due to symptoms of my psychosis that led to being diagnosed with schizophrenia, and I was not myself for a good 2 months. It was like I couldn’t remember my hobbies or things I liked and I didn’t know what to look out for to tell the doctor how the medicines worked for me. I didn’t trust the medication but I wanted something to help me feel “normal” , and it did take the 4-6 weeks for the full effect of the medicine to kick in. It’s been two months and we are still editing my doses, and might switch my medication but I am able to concentrate and read faster than I was when I first got out of inpatient treatment, just took some time and monitoring of my own habits.

I was told the lack of focus/concentration might be because I was new to the medicine and it wears off after a while, but I had just started getting back into school and couldn’t afford the brain fog. My doc listened to me and we didn’t change medicines, just switched to a lower dose. I was kind of rushed into a high dosage due to delusions, and was paranoid about my inpatient doctor who had a lot of other patients to deal with, so I thought his prescription.


Thanks alot for the advice @dbyte7


Wish I could provide something better, but all I can tell you is that you’ll likely have days where nothing seems to get through that fog, and you’ll have other days where your function is almost normal.

Don’t beat yourself up for bad days, and if they’re happening very often, talk to your doctor about adjusting your meds.


I had that, brain fog problems, and I turned it around by taking nootropic drugs, by exercising everyday, with mindfulness meditation, by eating nutritiously, by reading books and magazines everyday, by studying a foreign language, and by playing a musical instrument everyday.

The nootropic drug I take is over the counter and available online. It is called: Cognitex Basics. For exercise, I do hatha yoga for 35 minutes everyday. I practice 11-18 minutes of mindfulness breathing meditation twice daily. I eat nutritious food from all the food groups daily and take a daily multivitamin. I read many classic novels and many magazines and other types of books. I study the Spanish language on a smartphone app. And I practice piano on my digital keyboard for 75 minutes a day.

I was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment by my pdoc, in the year 2015. It is now almost 2018 and I am no longer cognitively impaired due to all of the above interventions.


I have brain fog. I am sad my brain is not as sharp anymore. But I need to learn to live with this fog. Feels like my psychosis caused me permanent brain damage. I had my first psychosis 8 years ago.

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Have given the advice of this in another thread. Natrol Stress And Anxiety Relief is available straight from the shelf and greatly reduces brain fog. It cuts down on the volume of the voices as well, at least it does for me. Not sure about the Visual Hallucinations.

@Skinnyme1 I think my mental clarity as alway been bad but I never thought too much of it until I started to hear voices. I also do A lot of reading and brain exercise game. I work out 5 times a week and I’m learning Spanish also on my smartphone. Know matter how much I read I seems to still have this problem. Where you always mild cognition impaired? Are it started 3years ago? Are you schizophrenic?

@FaveDaveSchiz before I started to hear these voices two years ago I had the same problem with my mental clarity but I thought everything was ok but I was wrong. So what I what i would like to know is if there was alway a issue with your mental clarity or if it came later in life? Thanks for your help

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Mine didn’t really start until my 20’s. Bad brain fog issues from too much drinking. I drank to keep the voices low, and it was the only thing that worked until I found the Natrol. It doesn’t stop them completely, but it does with the brain fog and, again, heavily mutes the voices so you don’t feel quite so psychotic.

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