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I want to get a job as a burger cook and save up for a car and purchase real estate classes to be a real estate agents. I have a job interview for a burger place in a few days and I get so anxious overthinking work steps that I get scared and want to just back out… the thing is, once I get my feet wet it’s not nearly as scary. I just have big commitment issues and part of it is that I dropped out of high school two years ago and haven’t done any schooling or work since, I’m not used to doing stuff with my day anymore. What can I do to cope and make the interview? The thing is this would all be a million times easier if I wasn’t thinking about it constantly.


Just relax. Maybe try to rehearse in front of a mirror. I hope it goes well for you. :fish::fish::fish:


It’s natural to be thinking about it a lot. But you can try to keep yourself busy by playing games, doing the dishes, reading other posts, watching a movie, anything that will occupy your mind.

Good luck, I have a feeling you’re going to do really well and you’ll save money for your car in no time.


Yeah, just try to relax and distract yourself like the others said. I’m sure you’ll do fine.


I second @leaf. Distract yourself and try squared breathing too. You can do this!!!


You can do this @Samuelmcc! Practice in front of a mirror and take deep breaths. Maybe take a prn. :hugs:


these are really great goals! youll do fine. Just be yourself above all!


When I was preparing for a job interview, I googled interview questions and typed up some responses and memorized them backward and forward. At the time of the interview I was ready if not confident, and got the job.


The best thing you can do is be prepared for the interview. Put the odds of doing good in the interview in your favor. The most basic thing you can do for yourself is dress appropriately. Dress nicely but you don’t have to wear a suit or tie. But try to avoid wearing jeans to the interview; they are much too casual and wear a nice button down shirt; not a t-shirt.

Very good, very smart.

Yes, you can find many websites like that. There’s many websites that will list the most commonly asked questions in an interview and they will also give good advice on how to answer them.
Gone are the days when I used to apply for jobs in my teens and the hardest question was “What are your hobbies?” Nowadays, they ask you questions like: "What’s your biggest strength? What’s your biggest weakness? They just ask a mydaid of questions.

Get a good nights sleep the day of your interview. You want to be rested, alert and sharp.

Eat a good breakfast the day of your interview, you don’t want hunger pangs to distract you or make you uncomfortable during the interview. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get to the interview. MapQuest will give directions to get to places and they will also tell you what the traffic is like on a current basis so you know what to expect and you can allow for heavy traffic.


Excellent goals!

would this be full time, or part time?

I hope you score the job.

It will take some time getting into a new routine

but it’s well worth it.


Part time cook. Thanks a lot!