Hello world!

Hi! I’m not diagnosed, probably not even schiz (please don’t shun me) but I’m really lost and confused about the things in my head, and I’d like a community… slight_smile:


awesome dude! welcome…sites not just for people with SZ 100%…sometimes people are misdiagnosed, changed diagnosis, think they might have SZ etc. Its a good place to learn :slight_smile: I was a member before i was actually diagnosed…turns out i did have it so…


You are welcome here. :lion::lion::lion:

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Hey bro, how you doing?

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might want to check out this thread:

this too:

Hello! Welcome!

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Thanks guys ^^ I feel welcome already
And I’ll check those out

*sis, and I’m confused at myself and a little weirded out but otherwise good thanks, you? XD

Good except for well…schizophrenia, but otherwise doing pretty good and welcome to the forum.

Welcome! Do you want to tell us about some of the things in your head?

Welcome! I came when people on my OCD support forum and chatroom kept telling me I was schizophrenic. I had not been diagnosed with sza yet. What are your symptoms? You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to though. Just dive in, we welcome you with open arms.

Thanks ^^
Yeah I have an… Overactive imagination and I’ve never been very connected to or concerned with reality so it’s probably just the way I am…
But I have 4+ voices in my head (well, I call them voices but they don’t speak to me, they think to me), some of which occasionally take over my body
As well as three people outside of my body (which I don’t see… They look like imaginations but they behave like they’re real)
And a… Thing that I made up which causes me pain

So overall, fun life xD

That’s all very hard. I can relate to it. Have you seen a doctor?

I have… the responses to each were intrusive thoughts (but thoughts don’t have personalities or the ability to speak through me), just my imagination (but I couldn’t un-imagine them) and a bad med reaction (so how has it continued?) Ps, I’m on antidepressants.

I can’t get it taken seriously, no one will even take the time to talk me through their dismissal

That’s terrible! I’m assuming you’ve been to more than one doctor? Have you worked with someone long enough for them to collect the needed data?

Also, are you in therapy?

It’s a different doctor most times, but they have my records… I can’t work out how to get referred to anyone. They outright refused to refer me to a psychiatrist.
Brief history: went for asd (autism) diagnosis two years ago… got right to the end and was diagnosed with depression. I was in denial so it came as a shock and I refused to see any mental health teams for children… now I’m an adult and I need it and I have no idea how to go about it

So to answer your question, no I’m not in therapy xD

Can you call a psychiatrist and make an appointment?

I can try… it will take some working out (so far I’ve only gone through the gp) How will it work? What will they do? Will they just ask me what’s up and then say exactly what the gps say? I’ve never seen a psychiatrist like this before…

I’m guessing you might be in the UK. Me too. You will have to insist you need to see a psychiatrist or they will not refer you on. Once you get the referral you will have to wait a few weeks.

At first they might just send one of the nurses out to see you and they ask you lots of questions and do paperwork but if they feel you need it you will see the doctor. In my case when I go it’s usually an hour long appointment and she asks me if I’m experiencing any symptoms etc. How life is going etc.

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