Hello, what you guys up to?

I just got woken up by my dog at about 3am as he wanted to go outside.

Decided not to go back to bed. What are you all up to?

Forum seems quiet right now


Hey matey. Had a long day at the cricket club getting it up and running. Now just relaxing and watching a bit of the live feed. We at least won so that is good on first innings.

I’m around but doing a bit of other stuff. Nice to be busy but I’m tired. How’s little pooch going?


Nice. Good to keep occupied.

Yeah he’s doing great! Just moved him to 2 meals a day from 3, and increased the amount, as my parents said he was a bit boney

Going to take a few days for him to get settled down again


So jealous. I would love to have another pet especially a kitten but dad is old and over it! haha. Glad pup is fitting in.


Hey man! I just got through watching The Gleaners and I. Pretty awesome French documentary about people who live on the fringes of society, pick leftover crops, scavange trash, and other people who make art out of trash.


I’m celebrating a good week with a caramel macchiato (doubt I’m sleeping tonight). I had very positive medical news for a change and I’m still floating.


Good to hear homie glad things are going well


I just woke up from a food coma. Ate too much sushi :grin:


i’m listening to a beautiful song on SoundCloud, putting off sleeping, because i’ve got an interview tomorrow, and i’m really counting on it . but the music helps !

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Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Best of luck


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Last October I had PSA results come back so high that prostate cancer was all but certain. All that was left to determine how aggressive it was and if it had spread elsewhere.

I had two more PSA tests done this month and the numbers came back a little high, but not in cancer territory. It looks like that one test got screwed up or something such.

I am so relieved.

Also, the weight loss has helped out my cardiac and respiratory function. My cardiologist was so happy he elbow bumped me. Said he would have actually hugged me if it wasn’t a pandemic.



I waked up around 1 am. Smoking cigarettes, and now I am on here.


Thanks for sharing - that must have been a real scare. Sorry I didn’t ask you outright, wasn’t sure if you wanted to share it or not…

The weight loss is a great achievement.

My weight has gone up 18 kg’s since I gave up landscaping in August, now the Clozapine might increase it further

Considering whether to go back to it or not, but I really have no clue what to do about work at the moment…

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I’m about to head to my mums for the day. Got a splitting headache this morning. Will probably go for a couple of nice walks today with the dog my mum and qwertle.

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It’s hot :fire: here. I think I develop tropical fever.:exploding_head:. It’s around 5 pm here in Perth.


I slept till 10:30. Read the newspaper. Had some coffees. Took a shower. Browsing the forum.

I had some morning depression but now it’s over. Long live Wellbutrin.

P.S. your doggie mason is really adorable.

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