Hello there schizoaffective editorialist

Hi my name is Larry. I have had schizoaffective disorder most of the adult life. Many difficult relationships and hardships despite this I managed to get through college. Have had several breaks in my life but on the up and up now.

I have been working for a news site where I am an editoralist. It is a well known site and gives enough money to afford my apartment, but I won’t mention the site. I also write for a local newspaper. I live in America and am proud of my country.

I would like to meet fellow bipolar and schizophrenia sufferers who have been in the trenches. I manage with very little medication. Only taking trazodone to keep bipolar at bay. I believe in full body recovery. Regards, Larry.


Welcome to the forum @Larry_F.

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HI Larry and welcome. I’m Paul known as the Rogueone around here. I’m paranoid sz and multiepisodic. For me meds are necessary for function. I live a rich and realized life on a pension out here in Australia. Well done on working. It’s hard to do and you deserve some respect for getting through work. Look forward to your input.

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Hi there @Larry_F it’s nice to meet you I’m Hanna. I have schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. That’s awesome you function so well on such little medication.

I also am working. I work as a dental assistant for a local privet office.

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Hi Larry, Welcome to the forum.

I also work. I am an analyst for a marketing company.

Glad to hear you have done well despite the odds being stacked against you health wise.

Hi Larry. Welcome to the forum! You’ll find this to be a friendly community.

Hello Larry and welcome to the site. Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself. I have Schizophrenia but have to be managed on a few different medications. Your job sounds very interesting and rewarding. I’m a nurse, but am between jobs at the moment. I live in Australia and love it.

Hi @Larry_F and welcome!

Welcome to the forum @Larry_F :hibiscus:

Welcome to the forum @Larry_F

Thankyou @DearZombie for welcoming me to your lovely forum.

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Hi Larry welcome to the forum. I live with schizophrenia/schizoaffective and go to university currently. It’s cool you write for a living. I almost did an internship for copywriting but decided against it.

Welcome @Larry_F

Sounds like victory to me.

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Hi there welcome to the forum! I also have schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. And I love writing too. I’m also an artist.

Hi @Larry_F and welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type and I manage to get by on a monthly Invega Sustenna injection along with Wellbutrin. The hardest thing for me has been negative symptoms since nothing seems to improve them. Wellbutrin might help a little but I don’t think anything else does.

Hi Larry and welcome.

I’m a danish guy, diagnosed with a schizoaffective disorder / rapid cycling, but they changed the diagnosis to schizotypal personality disordered with a lot of mood swings.
Yeah, and at lot of difficult relationships and losses too.

Impressed that you can mange just by trazodone!

Hello Larry and welcome to the forum!
I am schizoaffective bipolar type as well. I have to take three different antipsychotics and an antidepressant everyday in order to function. So, I am impressed that you only need one antidepressant, at this time anyway. And you’re able to work! Good going!