Hello, tell me about yourself

I guess I wasn’t too sure how to start being active on this forum, so I’ll just go ahead and introduce myself for everyone to see. I look forward to meeting new people and talking to those who have similar lives and troubles; people who understand.

My name is Kelsey and I suffer primarily from physical delusions. Sometimes my body feels like it doesn’t fit inside of itself, or my hands and feet feel upside down, or sometimes I feel that my insides and outsides don’t match and they what’s inside of me wants to be on the outside. I can feel the vastness of the universe inside of myself and I wonder if everyone else feels it too and is too afraid to say so.

But, I don’t think I’m a god. I don’t think I’m special; I trust that my doctor knows the truth and that these feelings are just chemical malfunctions. I also see cats in my house that are different from my own cats. At night, I hear people walking around inside of my house and talking, though no one else hears them. I used to think they were ghosts. I’m also agoraphobic and I have trouble leaving my house, but I still manage to take classes at a university and my grades are pretty good, all things considered. I like to learn.

I’m also training to be a web designer and I do commission art to make some extra money. I’m the creator of a webcomic and right now I’m designing a simple point-and-click video game. I keep myself busy with art every day when I manage to get out of bed.

Anyways, enough about me. I want to hear about you! Please tell me about yourself if you would like to, and let me know if you’d like to message back and forth. I hope that we can talk together and maybe form some friendships. Have a good day, everybody.
~Kelsey M


Welcome. I work. Part time on sick leave. Just managed to avoid relapse two weeks ago. I’ll be 38 years in a couple of months. I have family, husband and two kids, cat and a dog.

I don’t watch tv. I listen a lot to music. Mainly Korn and Slipknot.

I have a hard time reading walls of text and would be very happy if you can make spaces in your next text. Like I did here. Just hit enter-button twice to line break.

Hi, I didn’t read all your post either, but I got that you are seeing things, and your name is Kelsey. I have short attention span, sorry. Welcome.
I’m 45, single mom, own my house, just got a coffee hutch for 5 dollars, it’s so cool too!

I’m gonna start care giving since I’m good at it, mostly, unless I’m too depressed.

I have parnoid sz, PTSD, a little ADD, anxiety and depression, and also snycope inwhich I pass out over things like goreey movies, and giving blood, and going to churtch.


My name is Sapphire. I am 49. I am on work disability for the past two years hoping to get social security disability. I am a mother of a 22 year old girl who just graduated college.

I am schizoaffective depressive type. I experience hearing voices.

Welcome to the forum.

Actually sounds as much like PTSD as sz; maybe moreso. See http://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/post-traumatic-stress-disorder-ptsd/index.shtml for starters… then dig into “dissociation” and “dissociative symptoms” of PTSD via a good search engine.

While PTSD can definitely be an issue in sz – and vice versa – if you haven’t been dx’d for sz and aren’t taking sz meds that produce results, you may not have sz at all.

Were you severely traumatized in any fashion you can recall?

It will probably require professional help to deal with dissociative symptom PTSD. But PTSD is quite treatable.

(My dx’s are bipolar 2 with paranoid delusions and complex PTSD, btw.)

Heyo Kelsey.

Been on here for a little over a year now. It’s a good site.

Awesome to hear about you skills. I’ve dabbled in similar things before.

I feel like I’ve retired in a sense. Currently I fill my life with drinking and gathering necessities for my apartment. I listen to music a lot.

Take care.

thought i would say hi.
i think you are cool because you said you have hedgehogs :smile: i love hedgehogs :heart_eyes:
take care :alien:

Welcome kelnugget,

I think that you’ll find that most people here are very kind, helpful and non-judgmental. A lot of people find relief that they can relate to other people on this forum.

As for me, I was born and raised in the arctic circle. My hobbies include hunting prey, fishing for salmon, grooming my fur and brutally ripping the flesh off small animals. :sunglasses:


Oh man… I used to have a ghost cat floating around my place for a while… just a cat out of the corner of my eye… padding around and sometimes floating. After a while I just tried to ignore it.

Welcome to the forum @kelnugget

I’m 30… I have a job as a gardener / grounds keeper. I live in my own place with my 18 year old kid sis who graduated early and is working to get into a nursing program.

I was born with a cross wired head and had a internally weird childhood. I have a large family and I am very thankful for the family I have… But I had a lot going on when I was young… didn’t get diagnosed until I was 17.

I’m finally getting my life on track… and going to school part time studying horticulture.

Again… welcome.

J is also the coolest dude on here. Top of the charts vet. Check it.

:blush: Thank you for that… Wow…

@SoitGoes I look up to you as well and admire how hard you’ve worked to get as far as you have.

Hi kelsey.

A hand grabbed me on my shoulder and no one was there. I was then booted into the street after being forced to quit the job i had and left to die. I went across the land to “families” and was then possessed at the age of eighteen.

Some alien showed up right when my “schizophrenia” began.

I spent the next month being tortured in various ways and after a cross country escapade of torture and madness i ended up in the bin.

They threw me away and began drugging me. I quit and stop taking the drugs and i was fine for awhile. But then after months of being okay i began having my second “prodrome”. They had returned and began to torture me again.

With nowhere to turn i left and drove in random directions. I even happened upon a pyramid in the wilderness at which point i was taken to the top and almost convinced to kill myself on it. So it was onward where i ended up on the beach.

Pan showed up at one point. I was also being screwed with so bad i threw everything away and tried to walk into the wilderness with nothing, couldn’t do it though.

Back to the bin. And drugged. Now if i don’t take them ill be tortured. They say they want a suicide from me and ill have to when i turn 33, one of their most favoritest numbers ever.

Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay here, lol.
About me: Diagnosed in 1980 at age 19 with paranoid schizophrenia. At one point I was hospitalized for 8 months straight. I went through hell in there. I got out and a year later I got a job, mostly part-time but occasionally 40 hours a week. I’ve worked pretty steadily since then, mostly part-time at various jobs. I’m a recovering crack addict with 25 years clean. I have been living independently since 1995. I’ve been at my current janitors job for 4 years. I drive my own car and I am finishing up getting my AA degree. I started school in 1983! Anyway, I’m 54 now and a lot of my worse symptoms have subsided as I get older but the paranoia still intrudes in my life. I wish you good luck in your recovery.