Hello (Part 3) /// Leavalanashiun \\\

Ok Young N Old Ones ,

Hello (Part 4) ,

Today Has Been Pretty Friggin Boring ,

As Long As Yesterday (and im naught talkin bouz tha beatles) ,

Ok (Part 2) ,

I Have Decided I Shall No Longer Hang Out Here and

I Will Fynde A Different Waye To Spend My Free-ish T(Y)me ,

I Won’t Be Posting On Other Forums ,

Thus Was Pretty Much My last Trie To Connect With Peeps Outside Of My Home ,

Didn’t Really Work ,

: )

N E Hoo ,

As Restupidulous as It May Sound ,

I Guess you Can Say Good-Bye Within Thus Thread ,

OR Perhaps Jump In Some Of My Other Topics and Say Whatcha Want ,

Altho I Gotta Admit ,

I Don’t Really Want To leave My @dvice Thread ,

but I Kinda Feel As If I Have made A Fool Of Myself and No One Really Would Lyke To Chat Wit Me Me ,

So … … … ,

I Guess Thaz All N Shazz ,

Be Cool N Shizzle ,

and NVR GIVE UP (!!!) ,

Peace and Such Be Unto You …

Peace and Such Be Unto You (???) ,

Yes (?) ,

No (?) ,


I’ll Stay ,

BLARGH (!!!)