Hello Jukebox, Dr Zen, Ridgerunner Helloooo

How are you doing? I am doing fairly ok. Are any other of the longtime members I once knew still here and active? Jamesgirl?Jayster? others? (I forget nicknames) - anyone ever hear from or about dear Zodee?

Peace Up, Unk

its a big world out there, welcome home

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hello Unk, I am doing fairly well. payday is tomorrow and I’m on day one of stopping smoking…ugh…again…ugh…feels difficult at the moment. oh well…glad to hear from you…jamesgirl isn’t on this site. Jayster, is @Jayster

ridgerunner is on here too but lately I think he is sad because of one of his sick dogs… @Ridgerunner

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Thanks @TheGreatestDrZen! Thanks @jukebox! How is Nancy? I started smoking vapor e-cigs 2 weeks now but still smoke cigs though a lot less.

Nancy and I are divorced now, Unk. sorry to have to say that. I live in Oklahoma now and she is in Arizona. I now have a gf that lives with me and we are doing fine.

Oh, I have photos flickr on and so does Shoe - if you all remember her. We see each other’s photos and have checked in on each other a few times.

Hi unk I used to be creative cravings l went away cuz of paranoia and my own bad attitude but I’m back and I luv the new place. Loved catching up on your profile blessings to you and happiness in our days.


Hello Unk I occasionally wonder how you were doing. I’m doing pretty good. Still in the same place. Almost feels like I been here forever.
Jukebox is right I am sad about my dogs, but more worry than sad. My dogs are growing old with me. Hey-U my oldest has cancer, Rainey my German Shepherd has hip dysplasia. Next in age is Yosemite my Great Dane. He is turning white, but so far his health is good.
The last time I heard from Zodee she was living in Florida. Rainey was her dog. She could no longer take care of her, so she ask me to take her. If you want to know more about Zodee PM me.

Yeah, I guess if I’m remembered it doesn’t warrant a hello from anybody, no problems, listen, I really don’t have time for this, cheers, be well.

Hi Creative Commons,
just saw your earlier post … I remember your name from the latter part of my earlier activity on this site for years. I hope you are stable and doing well.

Be Peace

Hey Ridge, sorry about your pups; I know how you feel! my dear 'affable" chihuahua, Tam, has “infectious lung disease” dx October, and gets inhaled steroids bought online from outside U.S. I rescued him 3 yrs ago from humane society, he is 11 yrs old now. The Vet hospital and my regular Vet has cost me over $4000 since October but, as you well know, Tam is family. I hope Hey-U is not suffering much and still has quality of life!

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Not infectious lung disease but inflamatory lung disease

Sorry. Couldn’t edit above post using my phone

[quote=“Unk, post:12, topic:21367, full:true”] I hope Hey-U is not suffering much and still has quality of life!
Quality of life is my number one priority.