Hello im sven and im new

iv been dealing with schizophrenia since i was 18 im 32 turning 33 soon
its not easy to be me
its 1am so i must go to bed soon real soon

just had this thought i want to share with you
schizophrenia people are people too
i have the right med i understand more when people explained what schizophrenia is
and that are brains work differently and slower then most
but we are also gifted with creativity, skills and much more

it was a challenge going to collage but i did it i learned about horticulture for 2 years
it was rewarding of the skills and information i obtained and learned

so growing in my job is rewarding and fun
but i have to say understanding what others are trying to say and explain is difficult
and remembering what thy said and process the info is slow but eventually i think about it
and form a salutation or answer
in a way i wish i could think faster :slight_smile:
i have noticed that wile im thinking about a topic
my brain wanders in several directions with my thoughts

creatively = for example a lady wanted to put more plants in 1 pot then it fits
so i think not just get several pots in her yard but to think about having a 3 staged tear combination patio pot that lasts 1 year for annuals (fiber) and 1 made from reused plastic made thicker for the years to come.


common answers


the tricky 1s of memory is tricky plant names
but once i got into the routine of saying them over and over i remember
the beginning is hard to remember the plant names

im sorry i have to continue this tomorrow or another time its 1:45 pm im off to bed
talk soon later


Hello and welcome to the forum

hi, welcome.

We love birds, Phil and me,

but I think you’d be impressed by our indoor basil plant.

once my mom used Miracle Gro on all my house plants,
nearly killed them all, I was crying over that.

Now I water about once every 2 or 3 weeks,
make sure the roots get good and dried out.

They are thriving and healthy.

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Look at how good they are doing.


Sven sounds Scandinavian. Where are you from?

Welcome to the community.


Hi @Sven1 Welcome

Welcome. Nice to meet you and hear your story. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome… I hope you find some comfort or useful advice, whatever you are looking for.

Welcome Sven I hope you find friendship and support here. :heart:

hi sven, my friend studied horticulture, i do some stuff in a garden during spring/summer.

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