Hello here is my drawing to you

its not new , but hope you will like it


inner peace within

Very cool drawing

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thank you… very much :grinning:

Very nice. 。°。°。°。°。°

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Which app so you use ?

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She’s got nice hair. Mines falling out.

Really cool. I like the colors. <3


I dont remember which i painted this, but i use clipstudio mostly on pc

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Yes its with clip studio

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Very cool :+1: I thought you used procreate but gotta check this app out.

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There is also clip studio on ipad. And pc. Clip studio is better for drawing it has more natural feel. Best app on earth :grinning:

Just make sure you play with stabilization options to make lines more smooth

That’s dope. 1515

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I m still not using many features of this app. But its fine maybe i learn more advance stuff later. It was created for manga drawing basically but works for other drawings aswell

Thank you @ericsbat

Is this the one https://apps.apple.com › app › clip-s…
Clip Studio Paint on the App Store

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I can’t check now but probably its this

Ive seen an app that can draw your art style.

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