Hello. Has anyone called LIBD?

Hey. I learned that in the USA there is a brain institute. He is engaged in the genetic treatment of mental illness. Maybe someone allowed there or has information on treatment?

No, I’m not a spy. I suffer from schizoaffective disorder

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I looked it up. I don’t know how to get involved. Try contacting them through their website: https://www.libd.org

From their website, it’s just drug discovery - early stage research. It doesn’t appear they are treating humans.

the fact is they don’t answer

I would like to know when treatment is possible and how it will be

Can they be emailed?

I wrote to them, but they are silent

From their website, they might have clinical trials in 2021. If they are successful, it would still probably be a half dozen or so years til approval and public availability.

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You do not know whether it will be a pill or a change in dna?

Their website says they are using genetic models to find drug candidates. So it seems that it would be a drug that acts on a gene or genes, but not involve gene editing in humans.

They are genetically engineering mice though.


I would be grateful if you would learn more about this. if it’s not hard for you

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I haven’t seen that they have published any papers, but if they do, someone will see it and post it in News. A lot of us check the publications regularly. Not just for this, but for other research too.

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have more research?

Here’s a paper from 2015 on LIBD’s project.


Here’s another paper from 2018 with LIBD authors.

I also emailed them a few years ago to find out more, I forgot if they replied but might be handy to check up on them every 6 months or so.

Thank you very much

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will look from time to time

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