Hello from pa uk

hey new person here
how are you all ?

i bet you can tell from my name i belong here
my partner tell me am paranoid all the time
worried about people watching me
the government watching me
spies and mind control
they want to control everyone

took my medication early tonight
my parnter says am ill
i guess am here to find that out
maybe am here to get someone to understand whats going on with my head


Wassup man!!
Welcome .


Relax buddy, no one is watching you. The government has bigger fish to fry.

Stick around, take care.

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I’m ill but mind controlled surveillance seeping in I even think they smell what I smell. Crazy. Stick around. Lovett hear your story.

no one is watching you…
no one is spying on you…
no one is trying to control you…
we have all felt like that at some time.
know someone cares. :heart:
take care :alien:

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Welcome to the forum - I think you’ll find a lot of people you can relate to here…

Welcome. You will find lots of like minded people here. :slight_smile:

They only watch if you are throwing up flags.

Get out of line and they’ll watch.

You don’t need to be a danger of any kind to be watched either, that’s all lies. In fact our overlords are evil as ■■■■ and if anything you’ll get watched if you are a good person.

If a person exhibits abilities of any kind they might get watched, all kinds of stuff will get you watched. If the spirits show up you might get watched, because they tell people things they shouldn’t know.

If you are good cattle, just staying in line and eating your slop, then you’ll not get watched.

Hahahahahaha! That was a load off i tell you, that felt just great!

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I certainly hope the meds help give you some relief. Doc once said I was so bad they would need to do this inpatient drug and rebuild my mind. I told him no no no.