Hello from Max (HerbalMaxx)

Some of you may remember me as HerbalMaxx from the old site. I haven’t been posting much lately. The winter has been rather tough on me. I was posting at another site now and then. Not much at all recently. I figured I might try this updated site. I see names form the old site here. I just go by Max now. Has the winter been tough on you Northerners? I live in Michigan, not far from the lake. We have, I think, over 100 inches of snow this winter. We also have had 3 below zero (F) weeks this winter.

How has it been near you. Happy Summer in S. Hemisphere!

Max (HerbalMaxx)

Hey Max, Welcome back to the boards. Its good to have you back, you were a good poster.

hey max. long time no see! glad to have u back hunni. there hasn’t really been a winter this year in the uk. just lots of flooding. good news is i have flowers in my garden already and next week will start back on the weeding and pruning…back to the garden work…sigh. xxx

Good to see you again, Max. Yes, the winter has been a test to me , too.

Thank you for the welcome backs! The only “Garden” we will have this spring will be in containers on our balcony. When we lived in NY, we had over 3 acres to play with. We like apartment life better though.

Hello. Nice to see you online.

Hi Max welcome back here

Welcome to the new site. Good to see you made it over.

Hi max, glad to see you here!
It’s raining today, but we soooo need it. Otherwise it had been in the 70’s here, beautiful, but we will pay the price for water later.
Again, glad you’re here!

Welcome back Mister Max. Missed ya!

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hi max, thats a lot of snow, how’d you clear it off of your roof?

Hey alien, how’s your lizards and such doing? I hope you and your wife are well!
We live in an apartment. The maintenance people keep the roof from caving in. The snow melts a bit between snow falls, so the snow is not 100 inches tall on the ground, just in snow banks.
Thank you for the welcomes! Can’t wait for 70’s here. It is 7 here right now, and the temps are falling.

Nice to have you here. I do remember you :smile: