Hello Fresh. Trying out a meal service

They’re called Hello Fresh. They send meal kits, one box a week. I order 4 meals a week, each meal serves two people. Each box has the ingredients for each meal, usually measured out already. I used their promotion so I got the first box for $40.00 off and free shipping. My second box was $20.00 off and my third box will be $20.00 off.

The first box was four meals for $35.00. The second box was $65.00. They ship me a box once a week, I can cancel any time. Tonight I had enchiladas and Spanish rice with a lime creme sauce and pico de gallo. Yesterday was meatloaf and roasted green beans with potato wedges with an onion cream sauce drizzled on them. Monday was baguette slaw shrimp sandwiches with potatoes.

It seems like a pretty good deal so far, the food is great and they give you just the right amount of ingredients and most of them, like the spices and sauces are measured out and in their own package. They’re easy to cook. Does anyone else belong to a meal service or did so in the past? What’s your experience with them?


I used to use lite n easy.
When I was a meat eater.
I love them but they are expensive and they don’t have vegan options .
The meals were thoughtfuly put together.
It was amazing and delicious.

My brother used or uses hello fresh and loves them.

I tried a vegan ready made meal home delivery but it was too expensive and I didn’t like there meals much.


I dislike the thought of someone else telling me how to make a recipe and measuring the spice for me. Other cooks need to stay in their own lanes.


Hello Fresh is supposed to be the number 1 meal kit service.

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I have no experience with Hello Fresh, but I hope it tastes great!


Thanks Zmagal.,…


Mrs. Jayster gets Meals on Wheels. It is through Elder Services, and it comes free.


Yeah one of my brothers and his partner used them. They kept at it for a while and I think it was good service and food for the slack. If you’ve the time you can do the same with some research but it’s a good idea if you’ve no motivation.

They have been really big out here since covid. There’s probably 3 or 4 advertising from what I’ve seen.


I just looked up some of their menu choices – they look pretty good.

How much time does it typically take to prepare one of their meals?


25-50 minutes including prep and cooking. They’re food tastes good.


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