Hello everyone im new

Hi im new to this board, my name is kate and ive been schizophrenic for fourteen years im doing ok now and enjoy the thought of getting to know you all
Cheers xxx


Welcome, this is a great community, you’ll feel right at home :smile:

You’re welcome here. You will find support here. It’s very therapeutic to talk to other schizophrenics.

Welcome! Everyone here can relate. Watch out for less…insightful members of this community. But do keep your eyes open for some of the regulars who really do have invaluable insight from overcoming great challenges in their lives.

Welcome Kate. :slight_smile:

Welcome and have a good day ( trying to sound more American )
Are a lot of great people here, with a lot more xp of this than me ( oldies ) :slight_smile:
Mouse is full of wise words, a bit worry mouse means me :confused: going to spend the night thinking if i,m less insightful

Welcome Kate :revolving_hearts:


take care :alien:

Thank you all for the welcome, ive reading a lot of threads and am already feeling a good vibe from you all
Cheers kate

Hi, Katey and welcome.