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Heavy metal is so soothing



I figured out how to do that really came real close summon a doby like creature


been into mysterious/classical heavy metal lately lol


That was quite nice.
The more brutal and pissed off the better.
Quite a short song though.


I know I’m late to the party, but for years this has remained one of me favorites.
Extreme metal is extremely cathartic for me.


I’m going to try and learn this on guitar, it just sounds so cool :blush:



This is a recent metal song that I like quite a bit. It features one of my favorite vocalists, Waylon Reavis (formerly of Mushroomhead, now fronts A Killer’s Confession). “Just! Let! It! Go!” Waylon is not a part of Amerakin Overdose, just appears in this song, and his vocals are the best part of the song. I find it funny that often when I play this video it is preceded by an ad for Narcan.

Note: Waylon is the one in the hat :slight_smile:


These guy are amazing live, saw them for the first time last November and can’t wait to see them again. Underappreciated band …

Edit: Looks like when I copied and pasted this video it pasted my whole metal mix playlist (this song is 4th on the list of 64 videos). Oh well, some of you metalheads may appreciate some of the other songs on there.


His voice is beautiful…
Actually reminds me a bit of Jonathon Davis’? o-o


Waylon is the one in the hat (just added a note to that post), or were you referring to one of the Amerakin Overdose vocalists?


Wow, I didn’t even realize there were two people singing. I meant the guy with the gnarly facial makeup, but the guy in the hat does sound similar, hence the reason I thought they were the same person. Haha. >.<


I’m in love with this song…
Very expressive, like a duo of Rage and Darkness…


I don’t know a lot of metal, a lot of rage and despair in the song you posted (Korn).


I just came across this band, Infected Rain, a couple days ago, and I like them.

“You’re wasting your time, hating your own kind; losing your mind, your sanity, your life.”






The guitarist of that band above actually had a psychotic episode and unfortanately ended his life.

So important to have insight and proper treatments.

He was a great guitar player