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Heavy metal is so soothing


I messed up… dream theater is the band, train of thought is the album…


I may have to check out Candlemass, then. I good recent MRH song that has a music video on YouTube would be “Qwerty.”


Yeah man korns new album is heavier than a ■■■■ ton of bricks


I like the song “Rotting in Vain.” Since you listen to melodic death metal, do you like Ready Set Fall? They’re the only band of that genre that I like, really not into death metal at all otherwise.


Ah lol, never heard of Dream Theater either.


Guys guys guys if you want the most brutal , angry, pissed off, malcontent metal you’ve ever heard, check out NAILS


Wow, short song. Not really my style, but I could see someone who likes super heavy stuff digging that. About heavy as I go is Ready Set Fall, but then he does clean vocals in addition to screaming.


Nice haven’t heard before they sound pretty good

I like lots of instrumental as well


I agree with you


I just listened to that :sunglasses:


Heavy metal and screamo is the only music that actually causes me stress. I can’t tolerate it…when it comes on in stores I have to leave :frowning: I heard many people find it cathartic though.


I checked it out - solid instrumentals. I need vocals, though, to really hold my interest. :slight_smile:


This is a new band I’m excited about, A Killer’s Confession, fronted by former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis. He got kicked out of the band a year and a half ago. They’re releasing their first album next month, can’t wait! :grin:



boom :blush:



Just floating on a fluffy light cloud listening to this one :blush::blush::blush:


Taiwan symphonic metal :blush:


I think this is heavy metal. :upside_down: Maybe not. It has some rap elements. :metal: