Heavy metal is so soothing

Nice man i like there music. I won’t watch the videos lol I’m a scaredy cat for anything remotely scary haha but I love the music :blush:

I actually learned about them yesterday as I was just looking to see if any bands were playing next month. They were scheduled with insomnium and eluveitie but cancelled cuz of the covid situation.

But hey now I got new band to listen to :smile::metal:

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Hell yeah, I have all of Infected Rain’s CDs; yeah, I still buy CDs, lol. Yeah, they were supposed to make their first North American tour this past spring, I was so excited that I’d get to see them live, but then covid messed that up.

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Ah hopefully next year works out for a rescheduling!

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I don’t usually like metal but this was in my head for months. It has to show lyrics or else it’s unintelligible.