Heavy metal christmas lights

My kid sis just found this crazy thing. If I lived next to this I would seizure every day, but it’s so odd, I had to share it.

The song is Slayer “Reign in Blood” a happy little christmas ditty… :wink:


Oh my goodness. If I lived near that house I’d have panic attacks! It’s so ANGRY!

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Poor neighbors. I love christmas lights, but Oh NO. :scream_cat:

Im a heavy metal person. I know the lyrics to most of slipknots songs. I listen to them before going to lift weights

what you did not see was me , dark sith and four elfs rocking out behind the camera, that was cool…
one of my sister in laws boyfriends , his parents would put christmas lights in his room that would go off all night long !
then one night his dad came home so drunk , he came in to his sons room, went in to the closet and had a pee, mmmmm…classy.
needless to say this guy was truly screwed up in the head !
then my sister in law marries a guy who looks like shrek, she has very interesting taste in men !!!
take care

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