Heavier Song: Clusterf**k

Here’s another one I did just for shitz and giggles. It was a lot of fun to record, and my buddy Bob rips it on the solo!!

Listen to Clusterf**k by David Cragg (Cragger) on #SoundCloud


@zwolfgang and Friends. I would love to get your feedback on this one. It’s not my usual, let’s just say lol

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Damn you made that just for fun? It’s really good. I felt like the “clusterfudge” line needed more oompf, to bring out the words meaning fully. The rest of the vocals and guitars amazing. :dart:


Hey, thanks very much @Ribbon . Yeah, it was a kick to record. I’ve had the music for years, but until recently I had no lyrics. Then I had a couple of puffs one night, and they just flowed out naturally

I’ll try to get my buddy Bob, who did the lead work, to overdub the main Hook Line. Maybe that will give it more punch



The fuzzy guitar is soo satisfying dude its awesome haha!

I love this man sounds like you guys had a real good time making it!

I agree with @Ribbon some of the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ could use some oomph, that would be sickkk

Great job man!

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Thanks @zwolfgang it was a fun track to do.

Do you think it’s just a question of raising the volume on the klusterfuk tagline, or does it need more layers? Trying to figure out how to give it more kick

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Now thats where you can get creative I think. I would personally try to do something hardcore and trippy like have a wide stereo image distorted vocal harmony or w/e with the original vocal and mix it creatively. You can even automate the distortion so it gets more distorted as the vowel goes, like “clusterfUUUUUUUUUCK”

I love doing crazy vocal chain stuff haha esp distortion

WHatever you do send me the result Im curious as to what you come up with! :smiley:

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Thanks, the Distortion might be a good idea. I’ve never applied that technique. Might be really buzzy

Some digital delay on the last note might be cool too

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Well Let’s See. It Must B Time To Blindly Hate This 4 No Reason.

Just kidding. It’s dope. Anyhoo. I like the guitar a lot like wolf says it’s satisfying.

You singing the vocals??? It’s pretty cool too. Sounds like some 80s stuff.

AC/DC kinda stuff. Very nice. I liked the last track a lil more but this is cool af too. Cluster ■■■■. This is more complex but I liked the other ones simplicity possibility?? Idk it’s a toss up after listening all the way thru. Could see this on the radio 40 years ago easily.

The solo guitar btw. Very nice :+1: you are dope dude !!!


@Jonnybegood my God man, I thought what’s his name had hijacked your account LOL

Everything I do in drop D sounds like its Soundgarden-inspired to me, which it is, lol. The AC/DC reference is cool, thanks for the perspective :+1:


Usually I just eq it after the distortion or use the tone knob to get rid of the buzzing. Usually guitar pedals work well (vst ones) for this. You def gotta be precise tho it can get messy

Drop D is fireeeeee btw :fire:

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Okay, thanks for the tips. I’ll keep my ears open. I just want to get it to growl !!

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Cool song, bravo

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Thanks man, I appreciate it

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