Heaven is positive thinking. Do you agree with this time tested truth?

Heaven is positive thinking.

Heaven is positive thinking. Do you agree with this time tested truth?

No I don’t agree with it. Face reality. Don’t sugarcoat it.


what is reality though? everyones reality is different,

every thing is a dream for me really, thats my reality

Nope. That’s what people who don’t want to face how ■■■■■■ up this is say. Like “suffering is not realizing the good things” ■■■■■■■■ nope suffering is when there’s negative crap being main lined into my blood.

Things like ■■■■ just happen. I was thinking that we all would like to live in a world of people who are optimistic most of the time and believe like we do as the same type of individuals, for example if all the really bad people who only think life is to trash, were to find themselves suddenly someday in a world that has no good people in it at all and that they couldn’t trash any part of the place where good people live. Life is that mysterious for that scenario to be possible, But I don’t really want that to happen to them. I’d rather see them love life as something precious to experience.

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This reminds me of a Zen story…

There was once a Samurai, named Nobuchika, who approached the Zen master, named Haku-in, and asked whether there were really Hell and Heaven.

The Zen master asked him, “Who are you?” The Samurai answered, “I am a Samurai, sir”.

“Uh! Are you?”, the master exclaimed, and said, “You don’t look like a Samurai; you look like a beggar”.

The Samurai got angry and grabbed his sword. When Master Haku-in saw that, he said, “Uh! You have a sword. It looks very dull. What can you do with the dull sword?” Nobuchika drew his sword out of the sheath.

Then Master Haku-in said, softly, “See! The gate of Hell opens now”. When Hobuchika heard that, he realised that and calmed down.

And then again, Master Haku-in said, kindly, “See! The gate of Heaven opens now”.

In this sense… I do believe positive and calm thinking open the gates of internal peace.

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Awesome ansewer.

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I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t want to spend an hour elaborating… :stuck_out_tongue:

Pile of grade A **** In my honest opinion :confused: Sorry, I respect everyones wishes and all that would never down a person because of their beliefs. But emmm yeah just not my cup of tea.

I had lots of hell in my life, hell or simply put psychological disturbances and thus this helps me.

Mentioned above: Hell = psychological disturbances caused by others such as beating, ragging etc

Mentioned above: Thus this helps me: Heaven is positive thinking.