Heat wave In Greece

Heat wave in Greece woke up in 4 am did a shower things are better now, its 29c 77F and its 4:45 am it will climp up to 40c 104 F.

sister and niece returning from London this Sunday so 2 weeks break with my cats is getting over.


We have only made it to 91F 32.8c so far. It’s really been humid though.

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We just got over a heatwave in my location too. Remember to stay hydrated on plenty of fluids, and only go outside if you have to.

Btw, the kitty in your avatar is adorable. :blush:


During heat u cant do much compare to cold weather.

i dont have Ac cause unhealthy plus i will overuse cause i like cold ,(thinking ill install this year)

thank u montezuma hope u are well.

kitty is Pi she is 16 years old !!


I don’t know what it is with me, but I can hardly stand the cold. I’d much prefer the heat. I have ac but they don’t work very well. Electricity is included with my rent, so I don’t worry about the cost.

You welcome! I’m doing well. :slight_smile:

Awww. My cat, Jimmy, is about 13.

oh u are member of the cat club:)


40C will be hot, we have also had a heatwave here, but the highest temp has been 33C which is also quite hot considering we live here in north.

I am in Canada and this monday it will be 41C.

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104F is awful. I hope it cools off for you

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