Heart paranoia

I been having some heart shocks, I’m attributing to Seroquel. It helps me sleep, but makes me paranoid.

What’s a nice sleepy time AP that won’t ■■■■ with my heart?

NOT Zyprexa.

Loxapine, doesn’t make me sleepy you just fall asleep.

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What kind of heart shocks? What does it feel like?

Like a jolt.

I know I should go to doctors, but I been through it worse before and they said I was fine and it was just chest wall pain and anxiety.

I went like 3 months with a constant pressure in my chest.

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Have you tried Saphris @Samp?
It may put you to sleep, as it is kind of sedating.
It’s also easy on the heart

The dissolve in your mouth stuff? yes.

It made me feel like I had metal in my head, odd feeling…

I’m really sensitive to meds.

That’s what I get too, it was definitely anxiety for me.

Gosh mine could be, but it’s so ■■■■■■■ irritating and terrifying. I mostly notice it when I first get up.

You don’t get it anymore?

No, not anymore. It is terrifying - I spent eight hours in the hospital for it recently and then had two days of cardiac testing, just for them to say, “Just stress!” It doesn’t feel like stress - my arm would go numb and it got hard to breathe sometimes.

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Yea, it sucks and the pain doesn’t go away and they say nothings wrong with you.

How did you get rid of the stress?
Thanks Rhubes

Quit my job and went back to school, got on Lexapro, did cbt aimed at catastrophic thinking. Quitting my job was probably the biggest improvement - that place made me miserable. Before that, I was dealing with the chest pains by popping aspirin to the point where I bruised if I brushed up against something a little rough.

Good luck, Sammy. It sucks.

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I get the heart shocks too. My doctor did a full work up on me and declared them to be anxiety attacks.

Ok. Thanks ninja. I feel better knowing it may be my anxiety.

@Samp Have you had cardiac testing done similar to what @Rhubot described? It’s always good to rule out more serious issues and would likely set your mind at ease if all tests come back as normal.

yes. It use to be worse. Had tests done a few years ago. I would still get pains every now and then ever since. Now I wake up with a jolt to the heart every morning or jolts. It could be because I hate getting up and have an immediate panic attack. I been taking a Zantac when it happens, in case it’s gas. Just don’t know…

I’m really paranoid about my heart now, tried starting an antidepressant last week and quite 3 days in, because I could feel my heart beating loud. :unamused: