Heart issues, weird chest pain from Geodon withdrawal?

I took a drug called geodon for about 5-6 days, last dose I took was about 10 days ago. On that drug I developed a weird pressure in my head that felt like a seizure, the bottom of my chin would feel tight and I would get tremors and shakiness. I suffered extreme confusion and dizziness, weakness as well. My cognitive function has been super low as well too. It’s like I can’t make connections in my brain anymore like I used tok. The worst was pressure in head symptom was two Mondays ago. Since then I’ve had other weird physical symptoms like this. I looked these symptoms up and it said that they were similar to something called “NMS” or “neuroleptic malignant syndrome”, I went to the ER TWICE the last week and they didn’t help at all or do anything. Even though I’ve been in alot of pain, my psychiatrist said it’s possible it could have been NMS but he wasn’t sure, since I wasn’t exhibiting all of the symptoms. Anyways I’ve still been getting that painful weird feeling in my head, I feel dizzy lightheaded and weak like I’m just gonna stand up and pass out or faint. Anyways today my heart started to get a stinging feeling a little bit. It started out a little bit once in a while, but now it’s like whenever I walk or move around it stings and hurts. My parents don’t believe me and just keep telling me it anxiety or stress but i know what that feeling is like and that’s not what it is. I keep feeling weak and feeling a little confused and I keep getting weird twitches in my body too I don’t know what is going on. I really need help, how can I pursuade them that I need medical attention? I’m so scared I’m gonna die if I dont get treated for this and I’m in pain but they won’t help.

Go to the ER again with this new symptom. I dont know why they didnt help you. Maybe go to another hospital if possible.


Do you have any idea what could be going on?

My wrist on my left arm feels dull too sometimes

I dont im sorry. You could try a symptom checker, i think mayoclinic has an okay one. There not overly accurate i wouldnt say, but they can give you a rough idea.

its good you stopped taking it. its possible its withdrawal but im not sure.

Thanks I didn’t know about that. I’m gonna probably go to an Urgent care or ER later if the symptoms persist and get worse. I got a terrible sleep last night too, I woke up nauseous and burped it felt a little like acid reflux, and then I woke up two hours later with a fast heart beat because I had a nightmare I took some amphetamines and they were making my heart beat fast and hurt.

Anyone else have some advice? Took a. 5 klonopin earlier today and I still have some weird pains

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