Hearing voices and acting different

Does every person that hears voices end up with a tense body, I have this problem, like my body is extremely tense all the time, almost like a shock. Is it caused by the voices I hear, or nervousness, anger?

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I’ve experienced something similar. The muscles in my face can get really tense. At points in my life I had no facial expression. My face was stuck. I’m not sure what causes it but I avoid stress and anxiety and it happens a lot less than it used to. I hope you get relief from your symptoms.

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Yea it happens I literately feel like I’m being trapped by these voices I hear but then I just find out that I’m super distracted and I’m just waiting for the voices to do god knows what lol, schizophrenia, and hearing voices is real heavy on distraction

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I’m always tense, too. It helps me to listen to guided relaxation exercises on YouTube. They walk you through intentionally relaxing different parts of your body.

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The voices started talking when I went to get my meds. I was on a bike. Yelled at them on the way back .

Reggae music is my choice of music it does the same, relaxes me a gay me in a good mood

I’m trying a oil diet just to see if the oils surpass all the muscle and through the skin to mellow my muscles out. Coconut oil, fish oil, hemp oil, and olive oil

I have always been a laid back person. So when I am hurting on the inside I will smile throglgj it. However, on the inside I feel I am uptight and every thing the voice says pisses me off. I’d describe the feeling as grinding my teeth.

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