Hearing the soul through the fog?

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My soul is pretty loud. It makes itself be heard.

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So you actually talk to yourself that way?.. outloud? I do sometimes if I’m by myself but having a heart to heart with myself and talking to my soul, not about whats going on around with my mental health issues or my daily life problems but my own self because I find my self to absorbed in everything and going through the motions on daily basis, because I struggle with really bad sinus headaches that don’t go away and it contributes to my flatness of emotions and at times I forget to “talk to myself” letting myself know that its going to be ok and that the grass is green on the other side and girls are pretty…lol

I just don’t feel alone on this and was wondering if that goes for everybody else on here?..

I mean literally sitting down and having a conversation with yourself and using your imagination to the fullest you can see a soul glow from a mile away because some people auras are stronger then others and when they talk to there souls there auras glow even more. I can tell… can you?

Have a good one!