Hearing household sounds as language

Sometimes I hear the sounds the heater and the fridge make and they sound like they are speaking in a new language. It sounds very rapid, the words come quickly. Anyone else hear language in non-language sounds?

Like the chanting of the water cooler one year?
The 4 o’clock witching hour sprang to life when the water cooler chanted on, a large man? Flew up into the right hand corner of the living room window and the glass melted enough for it to stick his hand inside. Meanwhile every single dog for many blocks away started barking all at the same time-4AM, at 4:01AM, the barking ceased.

I dislike the air conditioner/ heater because of all the chattering it makes.

Hotel air conditioners sound too much like sad angels singing for the departed folks that died in there.

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Yeah, chanting is how it sounds a lot of the time, like a mantra that gradually builds. I’m hearing it now from the heater.