Hearing bad words

I always get unusually bad words that are interrupting my everything at work. Cant give my full concentration. The chain of thoughts are so intrusive and makes my eyes wet. It sometimes starts when I want to open my mouth or when I hear something from a senior person. Does anybody feel the same way? What is the solution?

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Waiting for the reply, I am able to sort out some of the bad words. Nobody wants this I can understand. Thanks for the silence. :slight_smile:

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Hii @sriharryster

I have the same problem. Not so much when writing but when talking to people or when i am alone, i am always uncomfortable with intrusive thought. Can you check if your doc has a med suggestion??

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Hi @MissMermaid how are you?

I have not spoken about the intrusive thoughts to my doctor yet. Its so pronounced now that I can identify something is talking to me. Before it was so quick. My appointment with doctor is due after 1.5 months. Thought someone here have suggestions. Also I believe the doc will give the same meds since I am dx Bipolar now.


Bipolar is better then sz …!!!

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Hi @sriharryster, in my job our boss uses bad words for all employees. But for me specially. “mad” and “crack”. I buried the files and don’t face him oftenly. I am enjoying any how this job. And I make a policy to work where pressure arises, because boss changes the concept again and again until he was pressurised.