Heard a member of Manson family is getting out of prison

I don’t think any of the Manson family should ever get out…they are capable of great evil.


I only know Marilyn Manson but I guess you’re not talking about him!?


Got out of prison.

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Oh. 1969. That’s a looong time ago.

Not to get political but in Belgium a life sentence is 30 years.

I’m sure you have heard about Charlie Manson?

It’s the dude with a swastika tattooed on his forehead.

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No I haven’t. I’m not really into crime news and it seems like it’s a very long time ago.

Edit: I do know Charlie Chaplin and Charlie Sheen :sweat_smile:

I Googled him. It’s a famous murder from 50 years ago and he was a cult leader. Okay I get it.

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There’s a good documentary on what took place. I can’t remember the name of it, but if you search for it I’m sure you’ll find it

Was the dude. He died a few years ago.


Didn’t he get married at old age? With a woman that was a lot younger than him?

Manson once stopped a lawyer’s watch and told him what time it was going to stop…that is some scary ■■■■…the family the night before they killed sharon tate, they crept in on their bellies and turned the t.v against the wall. stuff like that…forget what they called it.

From what I gather, he was engaged to a 26 year old woman when he was 80 years old but they never got married. It is said that part of the reason the relationship floundered was because her ulterior motive to marrying Manson was so she would have rights to his corpse so after he died she planned to display his body in a glass crypt and charge people money to see it.


That’s F’d up! 1515


Just when you think things can’t get any creepier!

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Yeah, what’s creepy is it’s very common for serial killers and murderers to get marriage proposals in prison and even on death row.
Ted Bundy, the serial killer, and Scott Peterson who killed his wife, were both flooded with mail from women who wanted to marry them once they were in prison.


I guess anyone who’s famous will have someone interested.


The same with Richard Ramirez. Women started fights over him outside the court.

Some women are crazy!


WTF! Lol That’s a whole thing. Women who are into convicts incarcerated

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I believe Charles Manson was evil…

Charles Manson was not evil,

He was just wanted everyone to believe that.

He manipulated young women into murdering people.

Didn’t even do it himself.

Do you know how easy it is to manipulate a 20 year old?

Crazy easy!

They killed a pregnant woman.

It wasn’t even sporting.

He’s a jackass, not evil.