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Thank you for those posters who replied to my “Relieved from racing thoughts”.
I found my direction in life again.
Being medication compliant, having proper sleep, and avoiding coffee are important to me in mental fitness.
Is it normal by not having interest anymore on most of the forum topics? Not just talks on mental health issues, I am not interested in a variety of local forum boards here in my country.

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Interest comes and goes.

We’ve had a few good talks on here recently.

I can relate to your sentiments most of the time.


I think you were the guy named BryanAshley, weren’t you?

That’s me… :smile:

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Welcome back Plumber 1 we missed not having you around.


Hi Bryan, are you drinking today?

No sir. Have decided not to drink anymore. Drank last night and became a total wreck. Not worth it anymore. We’ll see how long that stands but I bought a couple gallons of unsweetened tea. I’ll just drink on that.

You are stronger than me, I’ve got a quart. I know it’s so hard, isn’t it? And now I have syncope, and it could kill me at any time, but it’s been such a hard life, I almost don’t care.

I know those feelings. I went a couple years without really drinking. Last month though I fell off the wagon. Spent way to much. It’s the end of the month now and time to make a change. Gotta learn to love sobriety.

I went one year sober, but I don’t know what to call that year, it was my magical year, it was my almighty year, I don’t even know what carried me, like an angel or something.

Maybe it was…

If you ever feel the need to stop, do what you gotta do to get there.

Yeah, it was a master/slave scenario that did me in, me as custodian, and him as a security guard, it really ■■■■■■ me up.

I dont really know what to say to that… lol

sucks man. That’s what took you back to drinking?

I’m Sheri, Bryan, but I like being called a man, I’ve always felt like a homosexual man, I mean, cuz I like men, and I write well in male characters. Anyway, it was intended to control and cripple me, and it did. But I don’t know, I got out, and now, I’m just recovering.


lol thats cool if thats whats you.

I thought you were a dude… so success.

Ha thank you, hope the tea is good and lemony

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I intentionally avoided the lemon stuff. It’s just cold bland tea.