Healthy eating accountability peeps?

Anyone would like to join me to check up on each other once per week or per fortnight?

on this thread?

Just to keep one another motivated to eat healthy since it is incredibly difficult? to sustain

by saying whatever, like how we are getting on each week or fortnight or something

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Yeah I’m in. I’m kinda calorie counting. I’m actually weighing food and keeping to small portions in an effort to lose some weight. It’s hard work but I’m making progress.

I like to eat so behaving is hard but so far this year I’ve lost 2kgs over two weeks which I’m happy with.

I think eating well for me is about portions and that I’m a learning!

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That is really good, pat on the back for you!

Yea portion size is so important for me too.

For me I am doing 12 weeks of stricter dieting, no junk food,

and then transition to a more relaxed eating pattern, allowing for comfort foods where need be, with moderate portion sizes.

Let the weight loss continue!

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