Healthy Denial

Shortly after my daughter’s diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, we lived her whole childhood in this sort of denial of having anything wrong with her, and I do believe it worked! Can it be effective for schizophrenia? Can I use my own parenting on myself?

This is a bit extreme, but I have thought that the reason we grow old and die is because we are lead to believe this, and so that what we believe can have a direct effect on our health and well being. The scientists have discovered that patients with serious ailments, etc… have shown to recover much faster and to a greater degree than patients who do not believe in a Supreme Creator. I imagine if we didn’t believe we had Fathers or Mothers, ( and “Happy Mothers Day”) to all the Mothers out there) we would not know the love of God that they give us through out our lives.

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Yeah I always liked I am a rock I am an island Paul Simon but the good news is that I never truly believed it I mean I didn’t adapt to that mentality I’ve always wanted more. It’s true that strong beliefs can have positive and negative consequences.