Healthy at any size

Last time I knew results : Cholesterol and Glucose-OK, liver-OK, Kidney- excellent, blood pressure -OK. Folic acid was low . Hence I take 400 mgs folic acid a day .

I think low folic acid is seen as more of an issue for women . As my current pill bottle says ‘women’s’ and the new one, as I’m about to run out, says ‘Pregnancy’ .

I am trying to eat more healthily , but limited cooking skill doesn’t help. Exercise is a tricky one. I know I should exercise more, but it’s hard when the distance I feel safe to walk is under a 1000 steps there and back. Added to this is I’ll then go into the cafe and have a cooked breakfast . Doing that gives a purpose to my going out . I’ve not been out to the cafe for over 3 months .


i agree with this philosophy. God didnt make everyone cookie cutter shapes, healthy is the goal not photoshop idols


I’m about 20lbs overweight, but otherwise healthy.

I guess I should be happier with it,

I just always feel compared to my sister who is naturally very thin.

Plus she works in the fashion industry so she always looks great.

I feel like the frumpy sister in comparison,

But the point of the thread is not to compare yourself to others and be happy with your health.

I’ll work on that.


Mmmm. Strawberries, goat cheese, pine nuts, and spinach with blueberry pomegranate dressing. How many calories is it? IDGAF it’s delicious and I feel happy when I eat nutrients.


Does anyone here have high cholesterol as my GP did my bloods yesterday and they want to see me as they say it’s too high.

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@FadeToBlack high cholesterol is largely determined by genetics. My mom has high cholesterol and she’s a size 2. She takes a pill for it.

@goldenrex my sister and I used to have that lying between us. She used to do modeling, and my mom always favored her for her size and beauty. I used to feel jealous. Then I found out how stressed she was under the pressure of being the favorite. She was afraid to deviate even slightly because she saw how much ridicule I faced on a daily basis from a mom who tried to force me to be feminine. Once she started expressing herself, she got a lot of hate from our relatives who thought she was the “normal” one and scolded her for wasting her beauty. It’s not always easy being the hot sister.


That’s true.

She is under a lot of pressure to stay sample size for her work,

So I should take that into consideration.

Its like she’s on a never ending diet.


Right now, my sister’s the only one in my immediate family who is thin. I used to be envious as she seemed to put no effort into maintaining her small size. We had a heart-to-heart chat about weight and the stigma attached to it no matter where you lie on the scale and it turns out she’d actually like to be bigger, because she thinks larger ladies are beautiful and awesome. I want her to feel confident as she is though. I don’t think anyone should feel bad because of their size. And, of course, I want her to be as healthy as she can be. I’m glad we had that chat as she knows now that she has my support in her pursuit of health whether that means her current weight is her natural set point (she’s thin but not underweight) or she’s meant to gain a little.

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Ah ok. I was kinda worried it was my AP as it said online it can cause it, but I guess they list pretty much everything for AP’s on side effects to cover their asses.

There are lots of things you can do about high cholesterol. If you can avoid taking meds for them, you should. And if you do decide to exercise, make sure it’s more intense than a brisk walk if you also want to lose weight or get in shape.

Exercise is probably your best bet, even more so than diet. The health effects are very significant.


This really makes me think…

Thanks @Treebeard that’s a really good article.

I have no idea how high it is, but I guess I will find out when I see the doctor.

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My impression is that most doctors underestimate how important lifestyle changes can be, so if they tell you meds are your only option, take the meds - but don’t lose hope!


I know that many (even thin) African Americans have high blood pressure.

I’m doing the elliptical, treadmill and recumbent bike for 10 minutes each, and then lifting weights. I’m trying for 4-5 times per week.


My aunt she had a friend who was “hot”. She said her friend would sometimes hide in public bathrooms to keep away from men who chased her. Strangers would follow this woman in public.

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That’s excellent exercise!
Make sure to work on your motivation. That’s the most important thing. Slow and steady wins the race.


Yeah. I’m motivated now that I can work out in a women’s only area of the gym. My husband takes me and he works out in the main gym while I work out in a private area that requires a key fab and is for women only. I’m really happy at this gym.


I’m so glad you have found a good workout space that fits your needs!

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