Healthy at any size

Are you overweight, and can’t seem to lose it? Are you getting fed up with countless diet plans and calorie counting that seems to get nowhere? Are you starting to suspect the problem with your weight is just down to genetics? This is the thread for you!

On here, we can talk about healthy food choices, with plenty of fruits and vegetables and ZERO low calorie/diet food. We can talk about whatever activities we participate in that get our heart rate up. Maybe you dance in front of the mirror. Maybe you run. Maybe you just go for a leisurely stroll. Wherever you’re at, that’s great!

Rules for this thread: absolutely NO body shaming or encouraging people to lose weight. No talk of calories or obsessing about what you put into your body. This thread is not about being thinner. This thread is about having healthy blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol, and triglycerides. This thread is about doing things that make us feel good. This thread is about being the healthiest you you can be, no matter how big you are.


Haha :laughing:. You sound like an infomercial. Ok now Imma have some lunch.


Lol i was gonna say the same thing !!


I like this thread! I’m happy with how I look to be honest. The cutest guy told me I was beautiful at a halloween party last saturday. I was stupid and didn’t cop a number. oh well. I know someone that might know him so I’m gonna do some snooping. I’ve been walking with friends a lot in the city and I noticed it helped with my anxiety getting some good ol exercise


Now thats an infomercial hhaha


That’s awesome! Go get that number!

Today I woke up in time to make a hot breakfast. Eggs with cheese on a bagel. Yum! I have so much more energy on days when I can have a high protein breakfast.


I used to be a really good dancer. When I tried to learn hip hop for free on the internet my ex husband made fun of me so I quit.

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My weight isn’t dropping, but isn’t gaining either. I’m ok with how I look, despite others telling me I need to lose more.

I’ve made some lifestyle changes I’m content with.
For an example, I eat rye bread instead of white, I try to snack on fruits, and I hardly ever eat chips anymore.
I’ve also made my portions smaller.

I’m happy with that and feel good about it.
I’m not willing to do a drastic change in lifestyle just to lose weight I don’t feel I need to lose.


My niece is a little overweight. She’s so cute. Just adorable. She’s 22.

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You should try hip hop again! That sounds super fun!

Mr. Star recently bought a VR game called Beat Saber. It’s sort of like DDR and I love it. We play as a family and we all get our heart rates up on the fast songs.

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I’m the biggest I’ve ever been and I think I look damn good. :slight_smile:

Now I’m wanting to see if I can get my glucose levels under control through diet and exercise alone, and not necessarily by weight loss. I was eating way too much sugar before which isn’t good for anyone at any weight. We’ll see what my doctor says in January. I can only continue to do my best till then! :slight_smile:

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I am overweight and I’d like to eat healthier.
Incorporating more fruits and veggies into my diet.

I definitely have to eat less bread.
I love bread! :smile:


Good luck! If eating healthy doesn’t help with your glucose levels, met form in might help you. But my grandpa was able to control his glucose with just diet and exercise, and he managed that at age 70 after never eating healthy a day in his life previously.


Nothing wrong with bread, dude. Maybe you can try switching to a multigrain bread. I found it to be an easy switch, because I like the bits of seeds and grains stuck in the bread. The texture isn’t for everyone though.



That’s good that he was able to do that, gives me hope.

My results were good in every other respect.

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Rye bread is healthy, so is whole wheat pita bread.

No you don’t understand, I eat too much bread.

I’ll just cut down that’s all.


I was able to do something today that I never managed when I was thinner. I changed a lightbulb! Before, I couldn’t raise my arms above my head because my blood pressure would drop so much I would pass out. Now, I can be much more active! My blood pressure is now 120/70 instead of 95/60


I think for dinner I’m going to have a huge salad with every vegetable we have. :smiley:

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Mmmm. I just bought some spinach to make a vegetable lasagna. It’s a modified recipe from a vegan cookbook, but I use real cheese because I don’t care what vegans say, yeast flakes are NOT just as good.