Health Problems Linked to SZ - Help?

It’s been ~5 months off meds and ~1.5 months on Sarcosine/NAC.
-Over the past month & a half I lost about 8 ibs. At first I was eating a lot but when I started loosing my appetite I lost weight even faster.

  • My immune system seems to be having problems. I caught something twice in the past month. The fever/sore throat I have now has been hanging around for two weeks.
  • I have some difficulty swallowing & loss of appetite (possibly since taking NAC)
  • I’ve recently (suddenly) gone from sleeping too much to having some trouble sleeping
  • also time seems to be passing faster than before

mentioned many of these problems to my psychiatrist who says it might be due to NAC/Sarcosine?

If I may ask, what anti-P were you on and at what dosage? (These circumstances may – or may not – be related to withdrawal from a med that has reconditioned and actually “remodeled” parts of the brain that are involved in physical homeostasis.)

Hi, it’s such a relief to get some input on this… For about two months I was on Resperidone. I gained weight and lost my period. :frowning: Then it was another few weeks on Abilify.