Health - misunderstood

Lol :wink:

Love how you say it so bluntly

“I am sort of mentally challenged”

A modest prophet you are

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Nah! I don’t know about being a Prophet… I quite really don’t get it.
But, I’m an Atheist.
Did you watch the movie " Guardians of Galaxy "?
A guy, the tree guy keeps on saying " I’m Groot " and nothing else.
So here it goes…
I’m an Atheist.

Reply to first few posts: There is a great difference between leading a life having certain things and leading a life not having certain things, it’s like if we don’t have few parts of brain working for us, thinking alone will not suffice the deficit we ironically face.

Pfft. Anyone who has played Cribbage against me knows exactly how dangerous I am even with several bad hands in a row. I may not control the cards I was dealt, but I will play the ones I hold to my very best advantage.



That’s a desirable ability and others must be envying you. Right?
You don’t even know that you are making instant good calculations but you are.
Instinctive play… Playing like a true champion without even having memory of what just happened.

It’s a learned ability. Envy is a waste of energy.


It’s clobbering time.

~the thing

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“I think we both know the answer to that.”
~Cortana fleeing from Reach on-bored the Pillar of Autumn~

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Sorry about my last post, Im a little bit out of it right now

So much can be said, why settle for less?

When someone is right and or wrong

then a part or parts of Universe is/are right and or wrong and there are causes for every effect.

Forrest Gump movie: __it happens.

We are governed by laws and it seems to a certain extent we can dictate them.

Nice to know that you are making your own future…

I’m not good at English. But, I was always in a state of thinking that “others must be envying you” is not about “envy” it’s me prasing Pixel for her new found success which was not there in earlier times.
So if parents say to their kids others will envy you or something similar they are saying their kids look great in that particular outfit. That is all.

Yes envy and any negative state of mind is waste of time, time that can give us peace and tranquility.

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