Health - misunderstood

Why are you mislead?

Failure is not our fault, it’s our duty to understand that failure is not you or me, it’s because of

so and so cause…

If the cause of failure is so and so then so and so ill/bad thing lead us to failure

If the cause of success/victory is so and so then so and so good thing lead us to victory/success

Health in games is a resource/a bar we see on screen… HEALTH doesn’t mean Life alone.

Health can also point towards a resource being full or being deficit from 100% value

This is not okay, your posts are pissing people on here off. It’s offensive to call people with illness “automatic failures” and implies that they are responsible for their illness.

Can’t just let you carry on, sorry.

And for the record, when I was sick as a dog, I was an incredible athlete. Illness does not equal failure.

They even call fighters and weightlifters “sick” as a desirable adjective. “That fight was sick” or “your abs are sick” or “that deadlift was sick”. Sick as ■■■■ I was, mind you. Very ill! Very mentally ill.

Maybe stop repeatedly saying the same thing that you know is making people upset.

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Illness is not an individual, it’s a state of our body. Please reconsider what you derive of it. Thanks.

What it means is, we should never be disappointed, why? Why because it’s not our fault, it’s our health that is wrong not you or me.

The core of all problems is the resource called health. It’s never your fault.

Health is never an individual,

health is a resource.

I suffer from diverticular disease. It’s the result of a poor diet in my youth. It’s very much my fault and I have to live with and work around the consequences of past decisions. My opinion is that your posts are misinformed and often inane. Please put more thought and effort into what you share.


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You’re still dealing with black and white absolutes. We aren’t always set for automatic success or automatic failure. Poor health means failure at what, again? At what tasks does being ill constitute automatic failure? I ask because I have probably done whatever task in ill health. I’m not kidding here.

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Humans with intelligence and ability have freewill i.e; they can choose or decide…

and not having freewill is automatic.

I didn’t choose birth defects,

by the time I know what hit me, I already have

(1) Schizophrenia ( Paranoid type )
(2) Depression.

I didn’t choose them.

I have deviated septum it’s not issue but I also have teeth related birth defect. My sister is a Dentist she said so, I don’t remember the name.

This is the truth…

TRUTH -------- >

manual is like freewill

I don’t think you have the foggiest idea of what in the hell you’re talking about, Sagar.


By the way, your quotes are not worth being printed on toilet paper for me to use. Stuff it.

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Did Gandhi say this stuff???

Edit: you mean to say sagar gorjilla did??? I overestimated ghandi by thinking he was capable of such wisdom :slight_smile:

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"The truth is out there".

I wish I know what the truth is… and then I hope I can apply it on a daily basis.

The only thing that’s “out there” in this thread, is your thinking.


Oh! No. I typed it all be myself.


So I hope I am going to hear from rest of us.

I keep thinking it’s injustice for teachers to expect great results from me as I am sort of mentally challenged.

I think the point about results not always being tied to effort is a good one, Sagar. A lot of us have been labelled failures or not capable without any consideration of where we started from. I think that’s why the wording of this quote has touched such a nerve.

And plenty of people here have been automatically written off as failures before they started, and have gone on and manually proven everyone wrong.


Thanks friend. I am happy you understood what I was conveying and continue to convey.


Health is a resource and not all life has a privilege to posses all of it
It’s good that the others gave us internet(pc) and all the goodies