Health is relatively everything

Health is relatively everything.

As my father says if you have your health you have everything.

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I don’t know. It is possible to be a healthy serial killer. I think there is a balance of good attributes you need to be happy.


I would argue that no serial killer is healthy.


That broadens the definition of “health” that we’re working with. A serial killer is morally diseased, but if you speak in terms of health being mainly physical, like your blood pressure, cholesterol, and so on, it’s possible to be a healthy serial killer.

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I assumed we were including mental health, because this is a mental health website.

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Wow guys you posted what was on my mind all the time

I believe good health means good success and good character and knowing when to pave way to the others or knowing when to give up

of course if you want to be an immortal then that is an exception