Health check + advice

I haven’t smoked a cigarette since yesterday morning. I started vaping with my e cig lastnight and it is satisfying me this time around, which is good because I am low on cash. In other news I stopped drinking coke, and tonight was the first time I’ve weight lifted since I got hit by a car. I then took a shower right after and I feel calm and relaxed. Exercise I think will definitely make you feel better in this situation, especially weight lifting if you’re a guy. I own a weight machine and if I did not have it I would be in bad shape at this point.

To n00b schizos I recommend

1 exercise most of all because the meds can make you fugly if you don’t work out. I was once 220lbs because of the meds. I am now 175lbs.

2 brain training. I don’t do it anymore, but I think it definitely had an impact on me overcoming a lot of the negative symptoms I was having. There’s a lot of brain training games out nowadays you could try. On another note, you could also try brainwave entrainment. I used to design my own and that seemed to help too.

3 I recommend good nutrition and experimenting with supplements like sarcosine, NAC, and alpha lipoic acid. Brain health is important and do what works for you.

You want to keep the mind and body strong. If the body is strong often the mind becomes strong, and I notice they tend to attack when I am in a weakened state. Stay strong and they won’t attack as much.


Thats cool dude im doing hack squats right now.

I think everybody can benefit from lifting.

Chicks and older people just have to use 50-75% max weight.

Like if you are a chick and dont want to get buff like a man (yuck!) Just take a weight and and if you can only lift it once then thats your 1 RM (Rep Max) and you cut that in half.

Lets say deadlift a chick can lift 50lbs 1 RM then 25 lbs would be good for losing massive amounts of weight.

Its funny how many people aren’t aware how effective weight lifting is for losing weight .

Its so effective that a person could lose weight too fast for their heart and lungs to adjust and they can die of a heart attack.

Thats prolly what happened to James Gandolfini I read he was losing weight fast from lifting weights next thing you know he has a heart attack.

He was pretty young to.

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For those that want to feel better naturally like Daimon said is a great site to learn from.

And you don’t even need weights to start body weight should be enough to start out.