Healing through WILLPOWER

as I think about poor Salem the cat I rescued yesterday at noontime I think more and more of how amazing it could be to heal with your mind, and as I think about that I think about a few times I have seen things that defy logical explanation.

When I was 18 I was fostering a litter of kittens, my dog Luna was 6 months old at the time. She had this one kitten, the runt of the litter, that she adored, she would carry this little scrap about as if it were her own puppy, but sadly this kitten was very sick, we named her Lil Bit, for her small size. One day Lil Bit began coughing and seizing, Luna took Lil Bit, and climbed onto the couch, placing the kitten on my chest and then laying at my feet. I pulled the blanket up over the kitten, figuring on giving her a warm comfortable last few hours. I woke up the next morning to find Lil Bit who had been too sick to move, purring and cleaning herself on my chest. During that sleep, I had dreamed of ‘shadows’ coming out of Lil Bit and into me.

Sadly a week later Lil Bit died of pneumonia complications.

But I have had other instances o this in my life, like the rat I ‘raised from the dead’ I had a pet rat who died suddenly in her sleep, I placed her in a box, ready to bury her, and went to dig a hole, when I came back, this rat that had been stiff with rigor mortis, was sitting on top of the box!

And finally we have Lazarus, the kitten born in my house three years ago (my apartment when I first moved in) he was one of three and was still born. He had no heart beat, was not breathing and was stiff after half an hour. His mom refused to let me touch him though so I left him there. When I went to check on the other two kittens an hour later, he was alive and nursing!

Lazarus now lives as a ‘church cat’ at the local Methodist church, I see him twice a week when I volunteer at the food pantry.

Anyone else have weird stories of miracle healings?


A cat I rescued from the streets, he was run over by a car and had both his back paws broken. The vet said he would never jump again but he miraculously healed himself and was a normal jumpy cat through out his life.


I thought you named her Mouser? Did the vet let you know what happened with Salem? Did she live?

EDIT: never mind, I found your other post renaming him. Sorry.

no worries, his name before he was dumped was Salem, I may still change it back to Mouser if I keep him. so far the vet is optimistic that his leg may heal…id post pics of the wound but it would likely cause too much upset among the more sensitive of us so I wont…