Healing after a rough day

You felt like you got disrespected or looked down upon. You had a long day at work or play and it didn’t go well. You did nothing all day and disappointed yourself. You lost something important to you. What is the best way to cope? For me there is nothing I like more than being comfortable. Taking a hot shower and lying in bed, putting on a facemask occasionally. Cuddling with a blanket and hot tea. Always makes everything right again. Also reminding myself that there’s always tomorrow. I still have time to loose the weight, ways to work toward my dream job, dream life, and all is not lost. I have a lot of hope. I’m also an addict for being productive. A walk or a tv show or a well cooked meal helps. What about for you?

I like to heal by taking the time to sit in front of the computer or simply staying in bed with my phone. I allow myself to have snacks, and watch tv-shows. Something to keep my brain busy, but not so busy that I can’t do other things simultaneously.

Some me-time to reflect seems good.


I like to bake a cake, decorate it with whatever is bothering me, and then eat it. It’s a habit my friends and I got into in high school. We called them Emotional Catharsis Cakes. We would all gather together and help make the cake, and then just totally destroy it.

Another thing we used to do was buy a piñata, write all our problems on it, and then beat the absolute ■■■■ out of it with baseball bats. We called those Angst Pinatas.

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