Headsets help

I listen music often quite loudly, but I have my headset on and so I do not disturb anybody. I do not hear other people’s sounds either, because I live in my little audio world. What about you? Headsets help also when I watch some movies or other shows in other languages, because I hear words more clearly.


I skype with friends so much that I now always wear my headset even when by myself.

Currently, my headset needs repaired a little, a screw is loose (in the headset, not me…or?) and I need a baby screwdriver to put it back in.

I use a headset late at night too.

All I need to really get into the action packed movies is a legs set, a torso set, and an arm set.

I like to listen to my headset on my phone. I have pandora on it so i can tune it to music i like. I love listening to it. It helps. It takes me out of my head and in to another world where i feel free from my voices.

Feels good, doesn’t it, because it releases dopamine which makes you to feel good and also improves the memory, I listen all kinds of music daily, in my little rental apartment it is essential to use headsets so that I do not disturb anybody.

I used to wear a headset to watch movies, listen to music and play video games. It overpowered the voices. Now I just use earbuds and dont have to play things loudly.

Loud headseat really helped with the voices back in the day. I spent hours a day with mine on, doing whatever.

I use my headphones a lot as well. I actually just bought a new pair cause the old ones were cutting in and out, but not bad for having them for ten years I guess.

I used to listen to the police scanner with one earphone in, carried it on my belt for the last 10 years or more. Now I have a husband who likes to listen to music in the house, so there is no reason not to turn it up loud, no need for headphones.
I love to watch movies not in english with Spanish sub-titles.