Heads up on this

The voices want us to think everyone else is responsible for what they are doing EXCEPT them. Funny huh?


voices are bad.

I figured out what’s been winding me up. My demon gives me subliminal thought forms in my head making me think all these people are saying and thinking this and that behind my back about ■■■■ they logically should not even know about. IT is just trying to wind me up and make me act like a douche.

If I really were psychic the information wouldn’t all be negative about me, now would it?

I’m not giving my power up to everyone ELSE just cause this entity has a strong imagination and can make everyone seem like some wicked master mind trying to check mate me in some crazy convoluted hive mind telepathic conspiracy.

As far as I’m concerned everyone else is a pawn and I’m the one with the rooks and knights and bishops and queens. I know what is really going on, and most everyone else is just ignorant.

Isn’t that what Jesus said, they don’t know what they do, they’re monkeys? That’s my perspective at this point forward.