Headaches during first psychosis

I had the worst headaches of my life during my first psychosis. It was pulsating sometimes left side sometimes right side and very painful. I never told Drs about it as I thought it was a regular headache eventhough it lasted a long time daily for years. It felt like my brain was damaged. I wonder if too much dopamine does that, fry the brain. It was a big relief when I was put on APs as the headaches stopped and very rarely happens now unless I get sick like covid or flu.

I wonder why my sz caused headaches.

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I have headaches when my aps aren’t right I wonder why

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I don’t know. It’s very interesting though.

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I just found several research articles linking headaches and sz.

Headache is the most common type of pain reported by people with schizophrenia

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Yes I get headaches when I reduce my dose. Its weird that I don’t get hedaches from increasing my dose. But I think its temporary the headache caused by dose reduction. The headaches I had during first psychosis is different I think as its much worse for me than dose reduction.

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“While these symptoms are definitive of psychosis, disturbances of mood, behaviour, sleep pattern and activity also occur. Many individuals with an underlying psychological/psychiatric disorder will initially present with physical symptoms that concern them, such as tiredness, repeated headaches or insomnia.”

Headaches are a constant in my life. Pass the Tylenol.

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I used to get headaches in back of head near neck when I was in psychosis. No idea why, but I rarely had headaches before psychosis and rarely had them since psychosis.

It is strange.


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