Headache again....cant sleep

Ive got a terrible headache and I cant sleep
I feel awfull … the bad news is that im scint but the good news is that im selling some jewelry on ebay - wish me luck!!!

ooh I’m sorry about your headache. I hate them. I am happy you are selling jewelry. My sister made jewelry for a while and did well but she is a teacher and sold a lot of her stuff at school. Good luck !! (have you checked out Etsy to sell your stuff?)

Good luck!
While you are on E-bay could you do me a favor and pick me up a stuffed squirell who’s posing on little ski’s and mail it to me? I’ll pay shipping & handling. I don’t know how to do anything on E-bay and my local taxidermist moved out of the country last year and there’s no more in my vicinity.

What is scint? I have a headache too. Mine is a tension headache - rigid muscles. Massage helps.

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Scint means no money… im better now ive had a good nights sleep… thank you guys your replys have really made my day!!!

Thanx Kate xxx
Ps - likeing the stuffed squirrel thing lol @77nick77