Head tingling Anyone?

Does anyone else experience head tingling when thinking too hard or if they don’t sleep well? It’s usually worse when nervous as well


I had that when unmedicated and when I messed up my meds, it comes with headaches too.

Yeah man it’s feel like it’s not going to go away I’m pretty sure it’s als frontotempotal dementia cause I’m also dumber I have fascículo tío se and dysphagia as well I did take seroquel

Usually when im delusional thinking i get pains in my head. Medication stopped it somewhat but when being overly delusional or psychotic my head takes alot of pain like stabbing aches. When i stay away from triggers it doesnt happen as much.

Yes I get these whenever my mind flares up… tingling and some white noise…

Anyone else???

Yeah I get them sometimes, i like to think I get them when I’m being positive

I don’t get that sensation luckily. Have you mentioned it to a dr?

Yeah I did neurologist he said I had some neurodegeneration but I think that might be common in schizophrenics he said I might develops tardive dyskinesia

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