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Has anyone found a solution to the head pain they may experience with this illness. I get pain in my forehead. I feel like it is either lobe headaches or from stress. High doses of medication seem to take it away. But other then the head pain my current dose of medication is fine. Is it possible i am hallucinating the pain?

I have intense head pain in the middle of my head and a little in the front. I ordered 25 grams of glutathione that I’m going to take 1 gram a day of, in hopes of reducing the pain. If it works, I’ll order a larger amount and take even more a day, maybe up to 5 grams.

Glutathione is the body’s main means of repairing oxidative stress, which is the general wear and tear that happens.

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I used to get mini-headaches occasionally.

They never felt like a ‘regular’ headache though.

I always thought it was my medicine at the time.

Now I have zero headaches at all.

Nice. Could you please let me know when you get it and if it works? I tried asking my doctor for migraine medicine but he said it all interacts with my aps. So i he gave me was tylenol. But it doesnt really help.

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Yeah this doesnt feel like a regular headache

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I get what you mean. It’s like a ‘weird’ headache.

It has a special type of ‘hurt’ feeling.


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Sure, I’ll tell you if it works.

I take Boswellia and Tylenol 1 for my headaches currently, it takes the edge off.

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Sometimes headaches come when you experience a mental block, something what irritate you to think about. Maybe talk with a psychologist.

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