He who must not be named

I wish we could talk about he who must not be named… there is so much going on…and ■■■■ flying everywhere from all directions…it doesn’t seem real… and that’s as much as I can say about that… hows the weather where your at? its gotten hot during the day and still in the 40s at night… oh also the first of 2 kidney stones has passed I feel like ive been beat with a baseball bat wrapped in razor wire by a gorilla wearing stilettos riding a sea urchin who leaves a thick trail of salt and vinegar in its wake…


Good to know that your first Kidney Stone has passed @flameoftherhine.
Hoping that your second one passes soon.


i feel like i accomplished something today… almost passed out from the effort and pain so idk if i can handle a second one especially if its any larger atleast not for a little bit… sorry for sharing lol


What up flameoftherhine?

Nice to see you online.

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I passed a kidney stone once. It was so tiny and SO painful! I thought I had a bladder infection. I had blood in my urine and everything. I wouldn’t wish kidney stones on anybody. I hope you next one passes soon so you can go on with your life.

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I had the ultrasound surgery for stones. It felt so good to pass those lousy things all broken up and bloody it was like pissing sand.

I’ve never heard of that surgery. Is it one of those things you can have done just in case?

that really sucks @flameoftherhine, but at least you passed it.