He went to an online therapist for help and was told to “try to stop being gay.”

What do you think about this bs? Sorry can’t post the link because I don’t have Apple News+. If you have it then you can read the article if you want.

I had a therapist tell me my problems were spiritual and offered to do a deliverance on my house.

Also she tried to get me to do a lot with crystals.

AND she gave me a bunch of “cures” that were unidentifiable pills I was supposed to take.

Some therapists are ■■■■■■■ crazy too.

Takes a bit to find the right one.


That is a horrible thing to say to someone, and would get a therapist’s license revoked. I do wonder if the title was clickbait. Stuff like this does happen, but I am always skeptical of sensational headlines.


It’s easier to find good therapists at larger practices because the crazy ones wouldn’t last long there.

Had a provider tell me one time I didnt have schizoaffective because I didnt endure enough trauma and I didnt look like I had it. As individuals living with mental illness we sometimes need to advocate for ourselves. I did just that and found a new provider who was more understanding. I saw that article it is very frustrating sometimes find the right provider.

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Many of the online therapists aren’t vetted in any way.

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