He was Up Set How do you think i felt

my care Dr, had had me take some blood tests, and the lab screwed up the most needed test. and I had went in today to get the result , and he didn’t have it. so now I have to re take the test over and come in again. testing on the pancreas.


Hope your tests show you are doing okay @TheGreatestDrZen.

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Once I had a mental health appointment and then I caught the train into the city and went to the clinic, and it turned out that the appointment hadn’t acutally been made. They screwed me over. So then I went and caught the train back, and while I was taking the train back it stopped on the tracks because the driver was having an asthma attack. I had also given up marijuana for two weeks and was a bit on edge.

So I started screaming in front of everyone on the train as loud as I could as well as screaming swear words very loud. I was that angry. Nothing bad happened from it though.

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